What You Need
Yoga mat.
 Bring your own or you can rent or buy one from us.
Water bottle. It’s important to stay hydrated in this hot and sweaty practice. Bring a water bottle and fill it with our filtered water. Or buy one from us.
Towel. Because you will sweat, your mat will get slippery. Solve this problem with an old beach towel. The thinner, beat up towels are better than fluffy ones. You can also buy a special yoga towel, often called a yogi toe. We sell them at the studio.
Hair tie. If you have long hair, you’ll definitely want to get it out of your face. Bring a hair tie. We also sell headbands and bandanas
Headband or bandana. If sweat dripping in your face bothers you, a headband or bandana can help a lot! (We also sell headbands at studios.)

What You Don’t Need
Cell phone. No phones are allowed inside the yoga room. You can leave your phone in a cubby in the lobby turned off.
Socks. Bare skin on your hands and feet help you stick to your mat or towel and stay safe. So take off your socks.
Food. Try to come to hot power yoga on an empty stomach. We recommend eating 2 hours before class. (A light snack after class or a coconut water can be nice.)
Jewelry. Most people don’t like to have anything on their wrists, ankles or necks while practicing yoga. Some people don’t even like to wear rings. See what works best for you.
Valuable items. We have cubbies available in all of our studios, and we always have staff in the lobbies. But we do not recommend bringing valuables to yoga class.

What to Wear
Breathable clothes. Lightweight cotton or nylon tops and bottoms are recommended. Wear clothes that will absorb moisture when you sweat and let you move around freely. Thick cotton T-shirts and sweatpants are way too heavy and wet. For women, lightweight athletic tops and bottoms are great. For men, basketball shorts and thin Tees and tanks work well. (Some men wear tops; some don’t.) You don’t need to spend a lot of money on yoga clothes until you see what the practice is like, and you get a better idea of what items will make you feel more comfortable. Of course, we sell yoga apparel at our studios.

What to Expect
Heat. The first you’ll notice when you step into the yoga room is the temperature. It will be close to 95 degrees. We also use humidifiers, so you’ll feel those, too. Arrive early so you can roll out your mat and sit down for a few minutes. You will get used to the heat. Sometimes it takes a few classes to acclimate.
Promptness. Our classes start on time and end on time. So be sure you are there for the whole experience.
Physical activity. In our hot power vinyasa classes, you will move! You will become more familiar with yoga the more you practice, and it may take a few tries. All of our classes are open-level, so feel free to join any of them. Talk to your teacher before or after class if you have questions. Classes are 60, 75 or 90 minutes long. Be sure to check the schedule.
Breathing and meditation. In vinyasa yoga, the breath is just as important as your movements. Your teacher will guide your inhales and exhales to compliment the poses. Your breath brings you into the present moment and takes you to a meditative state. This is one aspect of yoga that really helps you clear your mind.
Sweat. You will sweat, we promise! Sweating is one of the most important mechanisms of natural healing. The heated room helps open up your pores, muscles and mind. When you combine heat with the breath, you get a powerful, detoxifying and cleansing practice. The hot yoga room is only a couple degrees warmer than your body temperature. Don’t worry about wiping it off–just let it drip! Sweating is the goal.
Rest. At the end of every class, you will take a pose called savasana, also called corpse. Teachers give you about 5 minutes to rest and restore before class ends.  You need this peaceful transition to let your body incorporate everything it just did and to rejuvenate you for the rest of your day. Be sure to stay for savasana!

After Class Tips
Change your clothes. Your clothes will be wet after class, and you may want to change into something dry for the drive or walk home. This is especially true in colder weather.
Shower. Our studio offers shower amenities, so bring your own towel and get ready right at the studio if you want.
Hydrate. Make sure you drink plenty of fluids after class. Water, coconut water and electrolyte replacements are great. We also offer Kombucha, a fermented probiotic tea loaded with antioxidants. It aids in digestion, improves gut health, fights candida and is great for mood stability and mental clarity.
Food. You can eat whenever you feel like you need to after class.
Relaxation. We hope after each class, you feel a little more energized and relaxed for the rest of your day.

Remember that yoga, just like anything you try for the first time, may seem unfamiliar at first. You can rest assured that every single person in your classroom had a first yoga class once. So you’re around people who understand how it feels. The teachers and staff members are there to cheer you on and answer your questions as you progress. You will feel more confident the more you practice. Yoga is just that. It’s a practice. Every person in the room is there for a reason: Yoga makes us feel better. There’s a famous saying you’ll hear in the room, and we believe it’s true: “Do your practice, and all is coming.”

We welcome you!